Calories in < calories out = 100 pounds lighter

How does the mom of twin baby girls and and a young son lose weight? There’s so much kid food around the house, little time to cook, no time for the gym, too much stress, too much wine, ya da ya da ya da…

Jen Bowman did it. She made up her mind…and she lost 100 pounds.

To the right is her before picture.

Jen didn’t join a weight loss program or pay buckets of money for prepared meal delivery, she didn’t hire a personal chef, she didn’t starve herself.

She ultimately lost weight  by exercising (first walking, then running, add weight training) looking up low fat recipes on line, and shopping to the grocery list. Every week.

She was lucky in many ways- her husband supported her, and her kids were open to trying veggies and fruits. She didn’t cook separate meals for herself – or anyone in the family. She was the shopper and the cook and the decision-maker- so there was no question that the entire family was in.

Jen says a light went on for her when her daughters were born. She wanted them to grow up in a healthy household, free from any emotional eating issues that had dogged her as a teen and beyond.

We met Jen on the Raising Arizona Kids magazine Facebook page. She responded to our call for stories from parents who decided to lose weight by steering the  entire family’s eating patterns in a healthier direction. You’ll meet her in the July issue of Raising Arizona Kids magazine, out this week.

Jen Bowman

Jen  wrote: “I knew that with rising childhood obesity rates and the self-esteem issues that girls sometimes have with poor body image, I needed to get my health under control before they were at the age where those problems could crop up for them.  I knew the only way I could teach them to value their health was to show them how to do it first hand.”

Jen blogs about what has worked for her recipe-wise at  Notes from the Table.

More tips from Jen:

  • Cut out fast and processed foods
  • Commit to a regular exercise program for yourself
  • Include the family in regular physical activity, like family bike rides or walks
  • Find an app that tracks caloric intake and exercise-and use it
  • Realize that it may take a few weeks to loose the craving for fatty, salty tastes- but it will diminish
  • Do not deprive yourself- make dessert a small square of dark chocolate.
  • Eat fruits, veggies, and whole grains to stay satisfied and avoid hunger pangs.
  • Shop to your list and do not bring any junk food in to the house.

Some of these tips may seem extreme…but like I said, it wasn’t a subtle change for the Bowmans. It was an overhaul! But it worked.






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