The daily rhythms of life in the NICU

Julianna Lyddon, M.C. is a Paradise Valley therapist and the author of Raising A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of ParentingShe also produces a weekly talk radio show online.

The show is on every Friday from 1-2pm Arizona time at You can stream it live or listen to podcasts of past shows.

Neonatologist Sue Hall, M.D.

Lyddon’s guest this week is neonatologist Sue Hall, M.D., author of For the Love of Babies: One Doctor’s Stories About Life in the Neonatal ICU.

The book “invites readers into the NICU — an area in the hospital that’s unfamiliar and frightening to most people — and demystifies this place where extraordinary things transpire,” according to a description on the book’s Facebook page. “This is the book for anyone who’s ever wondered how parents whose babies are critically ill cope with the enormous emotional pressures facing them, and what the daily rhythms of life are like in a NICU.”

Hall is currently in private practice in the midwest and is working on her second book, novel. Learn more about Hall’s life and career.

If you have questions about neonatology or the NICU, you can call in during the show: 1-877-864-4869.

More about life in the NICU.


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