Stay safe around water, stay up-to-date on CPR

Drownings continue to claim the lives of both children and adults in Arizona. This year is no different.

As of late May, 2011, there were 50 incidents in Maricopa County resulting in 20 deaths, including eight children and 12 adults.

Salt River Project and the Phoenix Fire Department recently released a water safety video that explains the basics of CPR in the event of a near drowning or cardiac arrest. They hope the video will serve as an educational tool to help prevent drowning.

In the video, two veteran Phoenix firefighters who are CPR-certified instructors demonstrate the new and current American Heart Association CPR standards on adults, children and infants.

The video, produced in Spanish and English, includes water safety and drowning prevention tips.

Copies are also available on DVD: Call SRP at (602) 236-5646.

Death is just one outcome of a drowning, however. In some incidents a child will survive but can be left with neurological impairment requiring long-term care.

Learn more about non-fatal drownings on RAKVideo as Lesia Crawford tells the story of her brother Andrew Hill, who survived after he fell into a swimming pool over twenty years ago.


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