CT scan, MRI, radiation exposure- how to know what to know

Concerned about overexposing kids to radiation? Not sure what the difference is between a CT scan and an MRI?

Courtesy NIH

Kids are more sensitive to radiation exposure than adults, according to the Radiological Society of North America.

That’s because of the rapid cell division that takes place in a growing child. Children’s thyroid glands, bone marrow and gonads are especially sensitive to the carcinogenic effect of radiation.

Compared to an adult, a child has a greater length of time to accumulate radiation during their lifetime- so each diagnostic imaging study contributes to a child’s cumulative exposure.

How much is too much, and how do hospitals and imaging centers protect young patients who need this testing?

Phoenix Childrens Hospital director of radiology Richard Towbin, MD, will present information  about MRIs, CT scans, radiation exposure  and  the importance  of these different modalities in a free webinar on Friday, February 18, from 12 pm until 1 p.m.

Spaces are limited;   reserve your spot soon for the Webinar for Patients and Families – A National Initiative to Reduce Radiation Exposure to Children.

For more information, please contact Karen Pennington, Physician Relations, at (602) 546-3300 orkpennington@phoenixchildrens.com.


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