What’s in your water bottle?

The water bottle I carry with me everywhere is a banged-up pink 32 ounce Kleen Kanteen.

I fill it with filtered tap water from my kitchen sink.

I made a personal decision to stop drinking (and stop buying)  one-use plastic bottles a couple of years ago. It just seemed wasteful.

For  families who still find buying water by the case a necessity for whatever reason, the Environmental Working Group has published a guide to the quality and purity of over 170 bottled waters on the market today.

Bottled water,  according to the EWG, costs up to 1,900 times more than tap water. For that price, it should be nothing less than spectacular stuff.

Yet most bottled water manufacturers do not reveal the source of the water, the method of purification, or if tests have found contaminants.

If you’re buying cases of water bottled in plastic, check out EWG’s bottled water scorecard.

Or consider a home filter system or filtered pitcher for the fridge, and individual, re-fillable water bottles, one for each member of the family.

There are many safe, BPA free choices on the market. Check out Livestrong.com for info on how to choose.


3 responses to “What’s in your water bottle?

  1. Vickie: This is good info. I have been telling the kids and Becky for years that bottled water is a bad idea. Thanks!

    • I used to buy bottled water by the case but then I noticed that everyone was grabbing one of those while at home instead of simply getting a glass of the filtered water from the tap in our home. Seemed like such a waste; so I stopped buying it. Everyone has a BPA-free water bottle now. Thanks for writing, Bob! Hope all is well!

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