Is your kid drinking Four Loko?

So, I’m riding home in the car Wednesday evening, listening to the radio, thinking I’ve learned all I need to know about Four Loko, the caffeinated alcoholic beverage.

Earlier that day, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had warned the makers of that canned drink and three others that their products contained “unsafe food additives” (see the FDA news release here).

But my ears perked up when NPR reporter Tovia Smith began interviewing students at a college in Boston where MY SON IS A SECOND YEAR!

Smith interviewed a couple of students. (Listen to the story here) One reacted to the news of the demise of Four Loko by saying, “It’s about time.” and the other expressed how annoying this ban was, that just when kids are having a good time, adults step in to spoil the fun. (Thankfully, that student wasn’t my son– hope that kid’s mother was listening, too!)

No parent wants to learn that their son or daughter is drinking or doing drugs- especially broadcast nationwide on NPR.

But if you suspect that your child is going to parties where alcohol or prescription drugs are readily available, and you’re not sure what you can do about it, then a local Parents Connect workshop might be for you.

AZ Parents Connect is a research-based community education program developed by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America to raise awareness of teen alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug abuse. They’re offering free workshops to connect parents to resources and practical information on Saturday mornings in Central Phoenix.

If you have a nagging feeling that your child might be trying alcohol or drugs, AZ Parents Connect is a place to ask questions and find out more about how to find out for sure, and what to do next.

There’s still time to sign up.



2 responses to “Is your kid drinking Four Loko?

  1. My niece drank a Four Loko and blacked out! My sister in law didn’t have any idea what Four Loko was. The workshops being offered are a great way for parents to get information about drugs that are current trends. So many times we hear about a trend long after it’s already in full swing. This way we can be proactive instead of reactive!

    • Sorry to hear about your niece- hopefully your sister-in-law has spread the word about that tough experience to raise awareness among other families. Thanks so much for writing!

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