A child can drown in two inches of water

There’s a downside to all the public relations campaigns about preventing child drownings. The publicity gets us so focused on the dangers of unfenced swimming pools that we often forget that’s just part of the problem.

Even if you don’t own a pool, your small children are at risk of drowning. One of the most common locations for in-home drownings is the bath tub.

It only takes two inches of water. That’s it. That’s enough to be a potentially fatal hazard for young children.

Salt River Project and Valley fire departments are working to build public awareness of the dangers of tub drownings by distributing free bathtub clings that stick to a tub or shower door. The clings remind parents to bring everything they need to the bathroom when they give their little ones a bath. That means a towel, washcloth, soap, shampoo and a phone — so they aren’t tempted to walk away, leaving their child unattended, for even a moment.

“The precious few seconds it takes to retrieve a towel or answer a phone could mean life or death for a child in a bathtub,” says Dewey Leitch, who oversees the SRP Safety Connection program. “Never leave a child unattended around water.”

Visit SRP’s website for locations where you can pick up the free decals, or call SRP Safety Connection at 602-236-5646.


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