Free workshops on preventing teen drug use

The Arizona Affiliate of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America has announced the launch of AZ Parents Connect, a research-based community education program developed by the Partnership to raise awareness of teen alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug abuse in Arizona by targeting parents, health care professionals and military families.

AZ Parents Connect will focus on prevention, intervention and treatment through parent workshops and in-person and online community trainings. The project is supported by a grant from the Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families.

Beginning this weekend, free workshops will be presented in 12 sessions that will take place from noon to 1pm on Saturdays in central Phoenix. The sessions will be led by Partnership staff and Chris Wilkins, a master level professional counselor, and will focus on topics such as substance abuse risk factors, the stages of addiction and relapse prevention.

“These workshops are a way to connect parents to resources and practical information that will help them guide their children to live healthy, drug-free lives,” says workshop coordinator Kim Obert.

For a full list of session topics and dates, visit You can attend one or all of the sessions. To register, call 602-264-5700.

AZ Parents Connect also offers a multimedia presentation by healthcare and prevention professionals to parents and interested community groups. Community and faith-based organizations interested in scheduling a free presentation on the consequences of drug use, the teen brain and how to spot drug use should contact the Partnership at 602-264-5700 or

“Prescription drug abuse has become our biggest problem among teens here in Arizona,” says Shelly Mowrey, director of programs and communications for the Arizona Affiliate. “Arizona teens are also using marijuana and alcohol at high rates. We will address these alarming trends by providing parents and caregivers with the tools they need to talk to their kids about substance abuse — and giving families the tools they need for intervention and treatment, if necessary.”


One response to “Free workshops on preventing teen drug use

  1. Chris Wilkins who is conducting the workshops is amazing. This workshop will help parents raise their kids and help build a stronger family.

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