Toy box safety

The news that a three year old Chandler girl lost her life recently – because the lid of a toy box fell on her head – is a sad reminder of how everyday household items can turn deadly.

No one wants to live in fear when raising children, but when tragic events happen, it’s best to take stock, look around, and inspect items to make sure they are safe.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital offers these safety tips for inspecting toy boxes in the home:

  • Make sure to take a look at any toy box your child might play with over the holidays while visiting relatives; especially those that were made without the safety features on those today.
  • Look for toy boxes with light weight lids.  If children fall in or somehow get in the toy box they should be able to easily open the lid.
  • Check to make sure that there are no latches or locks on the toy box, so a child cannot become trapped.  Consider removing the lid entirely, if necessary.
  • Look for a toy box that is well ventilated from the inside, without sharp edges or corners, and cut-outs on the sides and front of toy box to prevent children from pinching their fingers.
  • Use toy boxes with safety hinges can keep the toy box lid open to avoid injury.

If you have any specific questions on safety, contact the Injury Prevention Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital at 602-546-0960. Check out toy recall information at the Consumer Product Safety Commission site.


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