How much radiation does your cell phone emit?

Cell phones haven’t been around for that many years. But scientists continue to study how the radiation emitted from the devices might affect children and adults.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the findings are beginning to show that wireless emissions might cause serious health problems, such as brain or gland tumors. High doses of the radiofrequency radiation can penetrate and damage sensitive tissues.

And since kids seem to be using cell phones at a younger age, and will likely use them far longer than adults of the current generation, parents might want to add radiation levels to the equation when choosing a cell phone. The EWG compiled a list of the best and worst phones in terms of radiation output.

The EWG suggests several tips on how to make cell usage safe, including using a headset to talk, holding the phone away from the body and using the speaker phone, or just taking advantage of the texting feature, which keeps the phone away from the brain.

Still, as CNN reports today, there’s still not a definitive explanation or proof of cause and effect.

Maybe the fact that kids and teens tend to use a phone to text their friends more often than they make a phone call will actually be healthier in the long run.


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