Suicide prevention resources

The families of Raising Arizona Kids magazine were saddened to learn that an Arizona college student took his own life on campus today. We’ve put together a list for readers who want to learn more about suicide prevention. At times like these, our connections to one another and to our community are especially powerful and poignant. Suicide can happen in the lives of children, teens, adults and older Americans. Please seek help if you or someone you know may be struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide. And please let us know of other resources that might benefit Arizona families.

Arizona Suicide Prevention Coalition

EMPACT Suicide Prevention Center
480-784-1500 •

Teen Lifeline
800-248-TEEN (8336) or

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-TALK (8255) •
Directs callers from all states to local suicide prevention resources.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Mental Health America

American Academy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
(Facts for Families on various topics.)


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